Driving measurable change together since 2015

Ethical Trade Norway and Quizrr are working together to help companies reach social sustainablity goals.

About the partnership

Ethical Trade Norway gives members access to tech-based innovative training programs and online data reporting. Members influence innovation, new programs and markets and participate in pilots. Training programs on employment rights, health, workplace safety, dialogue and ethical recruitment are implemented by members in their global supply chains, with support of the local Quizrr team.

To date, almost 25 000 workers in China, Bangladesh and Thailand have done the Quizrr training, with a total of ten brands implementing the training at 40 of their factories.

"Voice Norge AS consider Quizrr as an important tool for our producers who wants to go beyond the audit, to increase the factory compliance and sustainability efforts. We believe that enhancing the workers knowledge about their rights and responsibilities and how to ensure a good dialog at the factory, will help to drive behavioural change and may even increase productivity."

Hilde Slettvold, Sustainability Manager, Voice AS

About Quizrr

Quizrr Digital Training

Quizrr uses relatable, engaging, and gamified digital content with short live-action and animated films along with quiz questions – all in local languages. With Quizrr, you can easily train and empower your workforce, track their progress on the online dashboard, and improve worker engagement.

Creating impact

To date, over 25 000 workers in China, Bangladesh and Thailand have done the training with Quizrr together with Ethical Trade Norway.

Ten Ethical Trade Norway member companies have, since the start of the collaboration in 2015, and with Norad support, contributed to driving the sustainability agenda by:

  • Participating in the development and pilot training of the Worker Engagement training for China
  • Piloting a Social Dialogue Blended Learning program with JETI in Bangladesh. Over 50 factories are taking the Quizrr digital training, combining digital and onsite training of management and worker representatives.
  • Occupational Health & Safety / Covid-19 awareness training in 20 factories in Bangladesh, available on tablets and smartphones.
  • Participation in the Nordic Initiative Thailand development for migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao PDR.
  • Implementation of the Quizrr training at a total of 40 factories in China, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Etisk Handel Norway Member Offer

Through our partnership with Quizrr we hope our members will redirect their limited CSR resources from doing multiple assessments to investing in a programme that results in measurable impact.

Contact information

For questions or inquires about the collaboration or want to get started please contact Marthe Kielland Røssaak at Ethical Trade Norway or Annika Garubo at Quizrr.