Improving gender equality on the factory floor

February 18, 2022

In a unique partnership, H&M Foundation, BRAC and The Asia Foundation launched the STITCH for RMG Global Innovation Challenge last October – an international competition aiming to empower and equip women employed within the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh.

Automation and digital technology is making its way into the textile industry. This transformation will provide great opportunities, but also risk millions of jobs, especially for women who represent most of the workforce in the RMG industry and who have routinized jobs at high risk of automation. There is an urgent need to create a skilled female workforce to save jobs, create new job opportunities and promote gender equity while increasing factory performance.

Quizrr is one of the six winners of the “STITCH for RMG Global Innovation Challenge” who have the potential to improve the industry competitiveness and livelihoods of women garment workers.

Quizrr – Leadership training to promote female role models

Through a worker-centric platform on tablets and smartphones Quizrr is equipping women in the RMG sector with skills and knowledge on dialogue-based problem solving, equality, leadership, and digital literacy. Relatable films, gamified quizzes and other engaging content in the application is preparing them for new job opportunities in the RMG sector of the future.

In addition to the individual learning process, the solution can help reduce worker turnover and improve worker satisfaction and productivity. It can also help set the tone for a productive workplace dialogue, and help female workers express their interest in becoming leaders, line managers and worker representatives. By promoting strong role models, more females will also get empowered to up-skill themselves and build their careers. The upcoming pilot will be rolled out at the partner factory Alliance Stitches Limited in Bangladesh.

“We are looking forward to new collaborations through this network. We want to learn from each other, so we can further accelerate our solutions and provide better innovations to this industry and its workforce.” says Sofie Nordström, founder of Quizrr.

Read the full announcement on H&M Foundations website below.

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