Global innovation challenge

January 11, 2022

The STITCH for RMG: Global Innovation Challenge, brought to you by BRAC, H&M Foundation, and The Asia Foundation, is catalyzing innovations for the ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh and the livelihoods of women workers in the sector.

Six winning teams will get incubation support and up to $30,000 to pilot their innovations! Ideas that have an explicit gender lens within these themes are open to apply:

Automation and efficiency
How can we improve industry efficiency and business automation while protecting the careers for women garment workers?

Sustainability and circular fashion
How can we move towards a greener circular ecosystem where both the RMG industry and women garment workers can thrive?

Product design, diversification, and raw material
How can we diversify the products that the industry manufactures, while improving gender equality in the factories?

Skills development and women’s careers
How can we create an ecosystem for upskilling, re-skilling, and training support for women RMG workers to help them progress in their careers?

Enabling environments
How can we back women garment workers in their gender-based challenges, by providing an ecosystem of support at work and beyond?

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